About us

The 1-Up Lounge is the Pacific Northwest’s first and only cocktail lounge and console arcade combination. We think that bars are boring, so we added video games. Basically, we are a hands-on bar and video game museum. Our goals are to preserve classic gaming hardware, and to celebrate our technological roots. We have rotating craft beer taps and a large menu of traditional and signature cocktails. We also have over 2,800 console games across 27 different platforms, all available for our patrons to enjoy!

By entering the lounge, you agree to abide by the rules. They are available to review here.


Why did you change the name from Best Buds?

  • Have you ever told someone you were going to Best Buds and they thought it was a weed store/bar? Yeah, us too. Changing our name makes it more straight-forward and more accessible to people who might actually be into it.

Will my memberships/gift cards/day passes for Best Buds still work?

  • Yes, without hesitation!

Are minors allowed in the Lounge?

  • The Lounge is all ages until 7pm every night. For a minor to play, they must have a signed copy of our waiver on file. This is responsibility falls completely on the parent or guardian of a minor. It is available for your signing here. Absolutely no unattended minors are allowed. People younger than 18 will be refused entry after 7pm. Minors in the lounge must be well-behaved and not disrupt the enjoyment of adult patrons, or they will be ejected. ALL unattended minors will be turned away. You must stay with your child as long as they are on Lounge property.

  • Our service is absolutely not suitable for children under 10 years old. If you want to bring children under 10 to the Lounge, you must understand that if they are disruptive we will ask you to leave without a refund. It is not the job of our bartenders to help your child pick a game, or help them figure out how to play it

Can I drop my kids off at the Lounge?

  • Literally never! We will permanently ban you and your child if you try to turn us into a daycare. Unattended minors will be kicked out whether their parent is present or not. Use common sense and do not drop your kids off at a bar. We do not have the insurance for it, and our staff are not trained to deal with your kids. Click here for a list of cocktail lounges that will watch your kids.

How does gaming work? Is there a fee? How much is it? The games aren’t free?

  • As long as you’re not loitering, you can play! That means you can play as long as you have a tab open and are ordering adult beverages, you can play. Each drink buys you about 1 hour of gameplay.

  • If you can’t or don’t want to drink, you can pay $6 an hour instead.

  • To start gaming, you must open a tab so we may keep track of your drinks/hours of gaming. Only cards with your legal name will be accepted, and absolutely no unattended minors will be allowed in the Lounge. Every game on the floor is available for you to play. If you see a game on a screen, you can play it!

  • If you’re the designated driver, we will not charge for gaming. Just make sure to let us know!

How do I get a different game?

  • If you are paying hourly, your first game change is free.

  • Game changes are $2 each—this does not include games that you already see on the screens! Those are always available.

  • Touching the consoles/games is always prohibited. We might give you a warning, or we might kick you out.

Do you buy/sell games?

  • We are not a game store! We do not sell or rent games, consoles, or peripherals.

  • We do, occasionally, purchase games or gaming equipment. The owners require an appointment prior to purchasing anything—all inquiries that take place at the lounge will be promptly rejected. Don’t ever go into the Lounge to try and sell us stuff. Please visit this web page to inquire further.

Can I have my party at the Lounge?

  • If you have a reservation, absolutely! Never without a reservation. Please visit this page to submit a reservation request.

  • We are a great place for bachelor/ette parties and wedding receptions! Visit here to ask us about it.

  • Children’s birthday parties must not disrupt the enjoyment of our adult patrons or hinder on the function of our business (a cocktail lounge). We do not have a party area suitable for children and we are absolutely not a children’s place. Our business is not suitable for children under 10 and we recommend going somewhere else for small children’s birthdays'.

  • Groups of 8 or more without a reservation will be charged a 25% gratuity. This means you must have written confirmation and be in our calendar. Calls to the Lounge do not count as a reservation, you must have a written confirmation! Click here to make a reservation.

Do you have live music? Can my band play at your bar?

  • The lounge is not a place for live music. Unfortunately, live music would directly hinder the core function of the Lounge, which is to give our patrons access to a huge gaming library. Live music just doesn’t work here. Please refrain from contacting us about playing live music or DJing of any kind at the Lounge. Thank you!

Can I advertise/solicit at the Lounge?

  • Our mission at the Lounge is to create a safe space for people to enjoy cocktails or beer and play games. All patrons must leave their politics at the door, and refrain from advertising or soliciting in the Lounge. This includes but is not limited to posting advertisements, leaving flyers or brochures, or approaching our bar staff about advertising/collaborating in any capacity. Any advertising, signage, flyers, clothing or visible accessories of a promotional nature must be approved by management and ownership, and submitted for review no less than 24 hours in advance of presentation or distribution in our facility. Anything that is not approved by the owners/management, in writing, is strictly prohibited. Please visit this page to submit an inquiry, and note that this inbox is not checked daily.

  • If you are a salesperson or vendor, visit the contact page to schedule an appointment. The bartenders we have on staff are not the buyers. You will be promptly sent away if you come in without an appointment.